Dear Editor

It would be a travesty of justice if the SEB are evicted, thus rendering their work redundant.

As rightly pointed out in the Media, Honiara has only one Botanical Garden and moreover it lacks areas which could be categorized as recreational. The Botanical Garden, while being a bastion of the country's flora and fauna, is also a recreation area where city residence use for relaxation, school children use it for their learning excursion or others use it merely to be closer to nature. It is through SEB's effort that the Botanical Garden had regained its status and evicting them now, I feel, would be an indrect condemnation of it. Moreover, their eviction would be detrimental to the the goods they have done and continue to do in the great Honiara area.

Perhaps all parties concerned could have dialogue on this so that an amicable solution can be found. Both the Ministry of Foresty and SEB have important roles to play in our the community and we do not see either of them marginalised.