Oh no!

I hope that's just a joke. What is the ministry of forestry trying to do. Chase the hard working beautifiers who've worked their might out for the love of turning the dirty face of Honiara into a smiling one, oh no that's not an idiotic thought going up in the head of the selfish forestry hypocrites.

Do you think the proposed office comflex will do the beautiful garden some good? No way under the sun. Go to their head office at Lengakiki and dream for yourselves what the so-called head quarter and housing estate will do to the garden.

The last thing that any vistor would like to see is a national botanical garden with tenants going around chopping trees for firewoods.

Solomon Islands must be heading down the drain. Such places are bounded to be protected.

Leaders do use your God-given brains to do things. Enough of messing around.

Let's give Mr THINK a good time to rule our minds.