May I take the time to respond to certain misconstrued assertions made by Mr. Olofia in regards to Lifhaus and its advocacy for Our Telekom.

First and foremost, if Mr. Olofia cared to understand the rich history of Lifhaus, he would have found that the website was an initiative started back in the late 1990's as the very first and popular discussion forum of its kind. It has maintained its independence since then.

Secondly, the current Lifhaus is a social networking website so that the likes of Mr. Olofia can converge and do some 'virtual' social interaction. Lifhaus has certainly deviated from its original intentions but it must to embrace new and emerging technologies.

Thirdly, Lifhaus is maintained by a group of administrators who since their good university days have all somehow found themselves working at Our Telekom. This is probably the reason why it has been alleged that Lifhaus is Our Telekom's marketing gimmick to combat competition. Unfortunately, such unfounded allegations are unbecoming of a supposed "cream of the crop" who clearly displays a lack of understanding of issues he has not taken time to research properly. Instead an impulsive knee jerk reaction is what we get. In a nutshell all I can say is all Lifhaus administrators currently work for Our Telekom but Lifhaus is an independent initiative with the only strings being that it is hosted on Our Telekom servers with the domain sponsored by Our Telekom. Our motive is to provide a social networking site with news and services you will not find on Solomon Times or Solomon Star. Take time to go through the website and read about Lifhaus more. It may be hard to find but the facts are there.

Finally, perhaps if you needed proper information on why the .sb domain, you can have a pleasant read here.

Enjoy your freedom of expression but perhaps you could add a tint of sensibility and good research.

Kind regards,

Lifhaus Administrator