The decision to allow the communication industry to taste the reality of competition must be saluted.

Although the new company is yet to make its presence felt, the emergence of drastic changes by the sole communication provider speak of the wonders that will come our way if another mobile company is allowed on board.

I've browsed through the new telekom website and was satisfied that at least competition is giving some kind of sense to people like Telekom to improve their services.

The new site looks copacetic and informative reflecting lots of improved features which if nourished faithfully will become a good guide for customers.

That's what competition is about. And I hope everyone is realizing that truth. We can't push Telekom aside. We actually need it to make the competition equation works. Because in that way, the providers will strive to be at their best which means improve and better service for the general populace.

Bring on the competition.

Tagio tumas wantoks.