Since its inception, Our Telekom, is majority owned by the SIG through its interest in the NPF and ICSI but they let their minority shareholders Cable & Wireless to dominate its management decision including the pricing of its services. If the Solomon Islands Government really cares for its people they can easily bring down the costs of telecommunications in the country with a pro-people parliamentary bill limiting the cost of services that Telekom can charge its customers. That's not the issue - they gave Telekom a 15-years monopoly and from there, how much our politicians gains in canceling such monopoly and letting a competitor to come in? Why do the SIG must pay compensation to Telekom for canceling such monopoly which should not be given at the first place? Now, C&W is moving out from Our Telekom, my challenge to SIG, can they allows the local management, staff and workers to buy-out from C&W their shares, so that Our Telekom will really be a 100% Solomon Islanders owned company? If all of Our Telekom managements, staff and workers are united I'm willing to assist them in arranging a foreign lender to pay for that C&W shares on their behalf.