Thanks to Travis for a well thought advice, and i quote "(Human are a forever wanting creation)".

Do we have to go through a counsellor to talk to about how we should spend our money?
Do we have to attend a business class to learn about budgeting?
Do we have to be studying overseas to/not to address our issues?
Do you want to put an end to this?

I understand all that was said in Travis' letter was in many ways true. I will try to stop 'complaining' soon.

But as far as it is concerned, I believe no person will be quiet if he/ she sees that there's a need for a particular issue to be addressed. Provided that the issue could have an impact on his/ her studies and welfare.

Regardless of where i spend my money on, the point is it is a students privilege. What the students are doing are not complaining. They are getting things straight. We are only trying to voice out what should be done. And i guess it is called Transparency and accountabilty. Do you expect us to just sit and watch?

I donot think it is about owning a PC, going to a nite club or not and passing a course anyway BUT what i do believe is that as students coming from a democratic background thus having a democratic knowledge about the FREEDOM of Expression, that is what everybody is doing.

We are only asking for what is ours.

As long as our freedom of expression exist, we will voice out our concerns.

Long live Democracy. Long Live Humans,"... a wanting creating".

Tagio Tumas