Dear Editor

The agreement signed between SIFF and Solomon Airlines for the former to have access to the latter's Corporate box at Suncorp Stadium is an interesting initiative indeed.

I wonder how the benefits from the link of accessing the box and the outcome will be measured. Hopefully the sole purpose would not be for the purpose of watching the numerous League and Union matches that are played at the stadium each year.

If SIFF is dead serious about ascertaining whether this new initiative has benefited them or otherwise, I urge them to keep good time series data on the activities (frequency of visit, number of players given contracts in the State League or A-League through contact, costs incurred etc) and have that relationship analysed after a number of years. It should provide interesting reading for the soccer followers in Solomon Islands.

Australia is where Solomon Island players should be playing - not New Zealand and certainly not Fiji. In that regard I wish SIFF all the best with this new initiative