Yes, as suggested by Dr. Lipson it is time we do something about inequality in the workplace at the political level...I am already homesick and looking forward to the time those of us working abroad could go home and contribute to the welfare of our nation.

At this point I must also stress the point that Solomon Islands already have professionals who can develop the Country into a better place...but our problems lies with our attitudes and behavior.

The politicians must enact laws that should make it unlawful for youths who are unemployed to be staying with relatives in the Centres City)...these are the ones causing a lot of problems and at the end of the day we turned it around and say that government and leaders are not creating employment opportunities.

How can you employ an youth who is unmotivated, with no qualification and with low self-esteem and who gets on in life with no appreciation for life itself?

If there is an institution that trains people to change attitudes then I would recommend the first people to be send to 'school' at such a place would be our politicians followed by our youths.

Though such a place already existed may be the lecturing is so boring and not applicable to real life situations...sorry in this instance I am thinking of our churches.

May be I have said so much already...but I am just thinking...