The children and people of Solomon Islands are dying as we speak. If you look back to last weeks One television at the review of Parliamentary special select committee into the health sector, the doctors cry for better health and service in this country. A mere 35% of govt budget into the health sector for the whole of Solomons for this year alone clearly translate the neglect ordinary Solomon Island people been through over the years. What sadden me is to listen to comments made by some of the doctors. I stand with the doctors and nurses of Solomon Island to fight for better health system. Instead the SI government are more interested in passing parliament Bills on awards include the $50,000 for MPs spouses and $200,000 ex-gratia payment agreed by the Parliament Entitlement Commission (PEC) for the 50 MPs. Now that's a crime. Solomon people deserve better treatment than this. Please readers rethink and have a better view of the situation because i think the system has been killing our love ones for too long.