USP..please just study and stop complaining, all things will be adhered to in due time..stop your whining and groaning, havent you realised that other students elsewhere are also facing similiar problems but have opted to focus on studying and strategiclly set their complaints through chanels. it may hurt but that is the reality of studying abroad, it was like that before and it will always remain as long as human demand is forever ever growing. (Human are a forever wanting creation) anyway just so you know, despite all justification, you have all survuved till now so i believe all is not lost. Other institutions have not received a steady flow of allowance, and also have very small amount despite living in a more expensive surrounding but have managed to succed in studies, so i suggest that you stop complaining and start giving me reason to belive that all efforts to send you to Fiji on very much needed finance is not wasted. If arguement is based on accomodation out off campass then group together, buy things collectively, cut down on drinking, clubbing, avoid takeaways and cook meals, it doesnt hurt if you dont immediately buy a PC or a laptop, (other students didnt have those and still succed)..A expensive electronic gadget is not your intent of study reminiscence but a qualification. The amount of money you possess is enough if you all collectively or strategiclly manage them. Let this be a lesson to you all also, apart from your daily class routine, the real world is not served on a silver plate, and so you have to make the most of what is given, lets see if you can survive on what is given and then i can say that you truely earned your place in society as a leader and someone who can truely mangae and lead his/her people.

Tagio...ufala moa