I would like to commend Marlon Batalovo for reawakening the Solomon islands Government ,the education ministry and stakeholders responsible for the establisment of the S.I national university.

First frankly speaking,the Current government should prioritize in up grading of SICHE and or establishing the 'long time talking ' tertiary institution.
I felt it is timely to challenge the Sikua government to immediatly relook into this matter as it would certainly have a positive impct upon the nation and its citizens at large.

The current PM. Dr sikua should be very influential and prioritise on this issue
as he was formally an education man. In terms of human recourses,solomon islands has alot of qualified people. Yet the iimportance of establishing of this university is to cut down on expenses that have been incurred for sending students to overseas universities.

A quick estabishment of such instituion would also assist in reducing the high illiteracy rate in the country.for an example,establishment of an University would perhaps require more intake,such demand would inturn put pressure on the bottle neck system of education in our country and thus,would lead on to development of new schools both primary and secondary to cater for the the growing number of children in our country.

Lastly,creating more schools, spaces, and afordable registration in tertiary institutions would affect crime rate or criminal activities, such as cooking of kwaso and etc.

Please do something about our University...