Dear Editor,

Grateful if you could publish this letter under your Letters to the Editor column.

A recent article in one of solomons local webpages -, has a story on Digicel's service in Nauru.

I regarded that article as another advocated attack on Digicel prior to its launch in April 2010.

We may have not noticed but Our Telekom has been constantly working to combat telecommunnication competition in the Solomons. As part of its strategies, it hosted sites to help play the role.

Now, to the Digicel Nauru Story. I wonder what happened? Maybe a work of an infiltrating hacker or just a minor error in any of their programs. (Read the whole story at

I hate to say this, but this site seems to be like an advocate against Digicel.

I am a Digicel customer in Fiji, and I can say that I really enjoyed the services offered by Digicel Fiji. I hope such services will also be implemented at next year's Digicel launch in the Solomons.

To make it fair for poor Digicel, months ago, Our Telekom's Breeze Mobile was also affected by the same story as the likes of Digicel Nauru. Fortunately, international calls to Our Telekom's Breeze Network does not end up being diverted to an Adult Phone Line. However, some asian languaged machine answered at the other end.

Oh, I forgot that this site ( has a ".sb" domain, which implies what?

OK the bottom line is whether the administrator of liked it or not, Digicel is coming to town. Perhaps they still have chances to help Our Telekom convince its over-charged Breeze customers by building a website devoted to advocacy against Digicel.

Welcome to the world of telecommunication competion Our Telekom.