The Editor
Solomon Times on Line
Dear Sir,

The protection of dolphins I fully support and can understand the concerns raised by several of your recent correspondents regarding their welfare as a species, but I cannot understand why the big fish, the sharks, have been allowed to swim around in Honiara's waters for so long without being caught.

Eleven years ago, this month, saw the first forced evacuations of people from the Weathercoast areas of Guadalcanal and the onset of the slide into almost anarchy for the once "Happy Isles."

As much as I am an advocate for the truth and the reconciliation process, and have been vocal over a long period in calling for the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, I am not a conservationist when it comes to calling for the capture and the bringing to justice of the big fish believed to have been responsible for all the misery bloodshed and suffering caused to the people of the Solomon Island.

The ongoing protection of the big fish, the "sharks," is very fishy business indeed.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Short