Dear Editor,

The cost of basic items, for instance the 10kg Carlos rice is not increased by cents as assumed by others, rather it had jumped from FJD $16.00 at the beggining of this year to FJD$32.00 the current price. If converted to SBD this will be roughly $140.00.

How difficult is it to become a student at Laucala under SIG scholarship? Cutting the allowance is the first, reducing the purchasing power, high inflation rate is the second straining the limited funds of students and finally terminating the students is the third, ending the livelihood of students.

One thing is obvious. If MEHRD cannot sustain the students, why send 100 new students each semester to make it up to 500 students each semester on allowance payroll. Next semester sent only a number plus the ongoing that you can afford. Please don't create the headache at the first place.