These controversies regarding the students and government only makes me wonder why it will take ages to upgrade SICHE to a National University, though much talk has been done about this by the govt.

Imagine how much money the govt would save if students study locally or if all these ROC funds were diverted to this S.I Uni instead?

S.I has already got a lot of Phd's and Masters graduates and they can be all resource players within this Institution. The moment they have nothing for them in the country then you will see them searching for greener pastures outside.

And now UPNG has taken this opportunity and extend its hands, not only in Honiara but also in the provinces.

If Fiji can have FIT, FSM, etc and PNG can have UPNG, etc, and Somoa with its national Institutions, why not S.I?

SICHE will continue to remain as it is and will lack necessary leaning tools like student computers, email, internet access, which are vital in all Colleges & Universities today, untill the Govt realize that we are too dependant on outside institutions to educate our human resources.