It is quite embarrassing to read Mr. Mark Berman's comments.

Mr. Berman knows full well that tuna's that qualify for the "Dolphin Safe" label are those that ensure "that no dolphins were chased, injured, or killed during the catching of tuna."

He also knows full well that the "Dolphin Safe" label came about in the early 1990s to curb a practice commonly known in the fishing industry as the "encircling technique." That is, tuna fishermen taking advantage of the tuna-dolphin association: they encircle groups of dolphins and capture tuna found below them. Unfortunately, dolphins are sometimes killed in the process.

It is grossly misleading for Mr. Berman to associate the Dolphin Safe label to dolphin trade. Unless he can state clearly when/where changes were made to the conditions for the "Dolphin Safe" tuna then I think he is walking on thin ice should the SI government choose to challenge his vicious campaign against the Solomon Tuna Industry.

Mr Radclyffe is correct in pointing out that these are two very separate issues.