Dear Editor,

I am writing to congratulate skyairworld in introducing reliable and efficient services to the people of the Solomon Islands and visitors of our nation as a whole.

I commend them for what they are trying to achieve. Whatever the reasons are behind their introduction to the Solomon Islands or what methods both companies use as advertisement strategy, it is part of competition! So let us not discredit them.

Competition is vital especially in a country like the Solomons where we are still developing and the basic necessities to living are a struggle so close yet too far to achieve. Monopoly of the air services have skyrocketed airfares both locally and internationally, but with the introduction of Skyairworld, the prices for travelers to and from the Solomons are reduced drastically.

There is no doubt on the fact that Solomon Airlines have operated for a very long time. But are they truly providing the Solomon Islands and its visitors with a Reliable, Efficient, and Quality services? Or are they hiding behind the national flying colours and the banner "Our National Airlines" to get public sympathy!

The resignation of our only female pilot, Captain Ramoni, makes one question the credibility of the Management and Decision makers of the national airlines. Why discourage and discriminate the national pilots who worked so hard during the "thick and thin" times especially during the heights of the ethnic tension unconditionally to keep our national colours flying to this day. The airlines loyalty to locals left so much to be desired!

So Roland Misitana, I suggest you and your whole family show support and fly with skyairworld. Solomon Airlines Loyalty to the people have rocketed to the bottom. They have failed the people and striped our future generation of the right to fly our national colours for years to come.

To the travelling public, fly skyairworld and see for yourselves what
they have on offer. You can always change airlines. Your flying
preferences is in your own hands but you won't feel and see the difference if you don't try!

Lastly, skyairworld, do come and rescue the domestic routes with the reliable and efficient services you have provided on our international routes. Travelling public is furious as following Captain Ramoni 's resignation and the shortage of pilots, services are cancelled and passengers both tourists and locals are left stranded at almost all domestic airports.