Dear Editor,

To clarify once again, the comments by Mr. Radclyffe are without merit. Earth Island is the third party certification body for the past 20 years with regard to dolphin safe tuna. Part of the dolphin safe policy states that no entity is involved in dolphin hunting, capturing or trading in order to be a dolphin safe company.

The Western Province, Soltai, Trimarine, and NFD are dolphin safe as this province has declared dolphins protected.

Guadalcanal allows captures and trade in live dolphins, therefore this province will not be granted dolphin safe status for any tuna factory that is built in this province. Therefore if Dong Won chooses to build when dolphins are captured and sold from Guadalcanal, the tuna from Dong Won will be under boycott.

Earth Island Institute will use every means to stop this illegal and illicit trade.

I rest my case again.

Mark Berman
Earth Island Institute