Dear Editor,

Please allow me to comment on the above in relation to the earleir statement by Earth Island Institute Rep.

I just don't get it. What is Earth Island Institute doing? To me it is a typical example of how multi-national companies try to undermine sovereign nations' rights to decide on their own affairs.

Please excuse my ignorance and narrow-mindedness, but what is the difference between shipping live mamals (dophines) overseas like Solomon Islands is doing and shipping live animals (sheep and cattle) overseas like what many countries, including Australia and New Zealand are doing? I see not much difference at all.

And what is the issue here? Is it about the safety of these creatures or is it about numbers? I think for a developing country like Solomon Islands, the industry is quite lucarative and will bring in the much needed revenue for the strugling economy. The revenue earned will be used to benefit people of Solomon Islands through education, health and so forth.

Hence, instead of demanding for a complete stop in the trade a compromise should be reached whereby certain standards and conditions are set to regulate it, and if they are there already then there should be compliance to these regulations at all times.