Please allow me space in your editors column to response to Preston's article.
Thank you Preston for your letter published in the Solomon Times Issued 09.09.09.
I for one would agree on certain grounds and not all to what Luwii was saying.

Firstly, the students who had been here have to buy cooking utentsils and other household goods in order to cook, and even live like humans. This is because most houses that are on rent are not furnished.

How can you buy something to survive on and use while at school then just dump it at the end?

While some students spend money on what that may be useful for them when they go home, I think Preston may not see this and perhaps he jump into conclusion without realising how fortunate these students are.

The issue now is not so much on that. I think the money requested was not for an increase bu rather the money due to each student.

The issue on container. I supposed that those students who bought things that will benefit them when they go home and work are those that use their money wisely. But what about you MR LUWII? The textbooks and other necessecities have been allocated money for them.

Buying of essential things for household is much better than those spending money on alcohol.

This is money well spend than buying WAKU domestic items in the shops in Honiara at a very high price.

Though he may be right, but the money well spend is money worth living.

Thank you