Congratulations on the silver Jubilee WNSS. Accordingly, I'd like to thank others who have shared their reflections in commemorating the last 25 years of WNSS as an institution which had transformed and moulded many students and teachers alike in their own ways. Likewise, I have come to treasure many wonderful and adventurous experiences in just a year of teaching at WNSS in 2004. Not forgetting: the 3 hours walk to Kirakira most fortnights and crossing 3 rivers two times; the late night strolls to Kokana, Ago and Rongoidjeni; the work sessions and sports with students; the coconut milk bananas, taro leaf and other special local food at the school market every break time. In fact, I was told at the market that one of the shells they sold was called 'hair two sides'. Also not forgetting the numerous jokes and make up stories in the dark after the school generator was switched off at 10pm and many more.

Not forgetting the form 6 science students in 2004. If I remember correctly, out of 26 students, 21 of them went on to do form 7 in 2005. In line with the WNSS silver jubilee I'd like to wish them the best of success in what ever they do in life nowadays and in their future.

Thank you WNSS for giving us many treasured memories and changing life experiences. It is just my plea that after 25 years, our responsible authorities should put more resource in bringing these national institutions including KGVI School to where they suppose to be, the leading national secondary schools in Solomon Islands.

Happy celebrations on the silver jubilee WNSSs' current staff, students and auxiliary staff, God bless.