Holistic capacity building and preparation would be help here any way if solomon islands and its provinces are dreaming ,yearning and visioning for a state government system and autonomy.Make sure the candidates and political pilots to fly, take off and land the state plane or craft called "state government and self autonomy" are ready, qualified, know themselves first,undergoes some discipline training to withstand the growing hostile political atmosphere and climate of solomon island's politic.They must have some best tips to handle unexpected_ situations and uprising.They must have a clear link and understanding between resource owners, groups, individually and collectively.State government and autonomy is not bad in their own nature and setting. It is the problem with Holistic Capacity Building and Preparedness . And that, the ideas and thoughts are real _urge, dreams,vision and called. Or else it is just a human paradox, a generation _reasoning , a situational or a response to neo_colonialism approaches called"globalisation" and its cronnies called "individalism,privatisation,and profit making for the family".For the politcal pilots circumnavigating the political climate of solomon island must use a radar that can sense and tell that solomon islands is a country with more than 7 nations. Thus, using the legacy of colonialism and independenc radar will not accurately land the ''state and autonomy craft'' but will position and endanger the plane to crushing or dive nose _landing.