I and my family have always voted for the Howard Downer side of politics but politics aside, Mr Howard and Mr Downer did not come to the economic aid of the Solomon Islands before the coup when help was requested by the late and then Prime Minister Ulufa'alu.

Virtually since the coup the Howard Downer team has sent defense people and police to force the peace, but Australia has provided no real economic aid direction or resources to monetize the poverty stricken Solomons people and nation. In fact the Downer obsession in chasing Moti has created instability and is attributed to a downturn in the fledgling and much needed SI tourism.

With all this in mind how could the Pacific forum ever get anywhere with solutions because Mr Howard will be at the Pacific Forum. No doubt he would again snub Mr Sogavare.

Today in Australia the media is saturated with news PM Howard says he is going to recognize indigenous Australians and that we are one great tribe, one Australia. There is no mention of recognizing Pacific people and that we are one world, one ocean, one environment, for people as well as for trees and animals.

In contrast the SI PM going to the Taiwan Summit could be beneficial because there is a proven willingness by Taiwan to provide real aid SI, not boomerang aid or phantom aid.

Various Pacific nations also need real aid. The coinciding problems occurring in my opinion stem from impact of natural food resource depletion that has caused fundamental collapse of barter economies. Impact of barter economy collapse has in turn impacted on the tiny money economies of Pacific nations. Some have fared better than others. Some have good income from stopover tourism and sugar industries. SI has virtually nothing in comparison.

The Solomon Islands PM at the Taiwan meet could do well for SI and for other Pacific nations

Australia is heavily involved in politics with China. China has a problem with Taiwan. This is likely the reason why Mr Howard and Mr Downer shun Mr Sogavare. The people of SI are in the middle of all this but hopefully not for long.