I cannot attend the celebrations in person because of work commitments. However, I join the others in congratulating Waimapuru NSS in celebrating its Silver Jubilee.

I am one of the first Form Seven students in 2002. It obviously seems that we were the trialists of that intake.Its a great struggle. We don't have enough teachers for the whole of the year, no resources such as books that could cater for foundation studies. As a result, some of our colleagues had withdrew from school, some transfer either to KG6 or USP Centre in Honiara. The rest, it was our intention to merely complete Form Seven and go home for good. Most of the time we work unsupervised but had to hand in assignments on due dates ( most times late). We struggle through with mostly the help of Mr Sunil Dutt and Mr. Howell. I really thank them for their faith in us thus see us through to the end.

With all these struggles, being part of striving for a good education, I am very proud to stand here now and say that Waimapuru had educate us and the experiences we had there in 2002 had shaped us to be who we are today.

I am proud also to say that although we were selected as first Form Seven trialists, we were all given Scholarships and went to various Universities in the Pacific Region but mostly USP.

I would like to thank our Principle then, teachers, student leaders, and my Form Seven teachers specifically Who had contributed in one way or another to our successful education life at Waimapuru NSS in 2002. we owe you much.

Just for information sake, the first Form Seven (in 2002) students are:

1. Moses Haganitoto
2. Stefaldo Fanakui
3. Stephen Bunabo
4. Wilson Orisi (later transfer to KG6)
5.Drumond O.
6.Willie Manate'e
7. Cosmos (Later transfered to USP Centre)
8.Stanley Hanu
9.Lawrence Nare
10.Seralyn Takubala
11. Loretta Leni
12. Mavis Legumana
13. Elizabeth Tito (Later transfered to KG6)
14. Jacob (Withdrew)
15. Darren (Withdrew)

Today, onbehalf of this group of students like to join with others in saying THANK YOU to waimapuru NSS and more so, join in celebrating its Silver Jubilee. I wish we all attend in person.

Waimapuru NSS will always be a school that produce the educated elites of this nation, as it has been and will always be.

God bless Waimapuru NSS.