It is interesting that your report came out simultaneoulsy with extreme opposites. One a case in which a young person died as a result of injuries sustained due to citrus tree crashing on him after mocking a preacher and the other, the power to call rain.

Tarawa has experience no rain for almost six months now...may be the 'savuru' could be helpful here if at all that some people have such gifts.

On the other issue of the person dying, let me relate my own experience. It was almost the same way with me. However, this preacher was asking for offerings after the preaching and I thought sarcastically that he was preaching just because he needed money...this was in the late 1980s. I ended up losing all the money I was carrying in my pocket. Since then I respected all preachers and messagers of the gospel from all churches and all persons with whatever background.

Thank God he does not take my life at that time...His punishment was simple: I lost all the money I had in my pocket.

In the instance you reported it was different. Mine was a sin committed in the heart...God's punishment was private, just me and Him...the other it was mockery in public, his punishment was also in public.

Please do not take me wrong God is love but at times He needs to take drastic actions so that we may repent.

I think so...

Thank you.