Congratulation to all Waimapuru current principal, students, teachers and all former students , principals and teachers where ever you are in Solomon Islands and around the world on the celebration of the school's silver jubilee.

It is indeed worthwhile to stop and reflect on the journey such an important institution took over the last long 25 years of its existence. Certainly, many who attended Waimapuru NSS either as a student or a staff up until now will have their piece of a story to tell. But may be one thing we have in common is we indeed learned something that had either changed our lives or has taken us further to new paths and experiences in our lifes journey.

Thank you Warwick for your account of events and experiences during your time in Waimapuru. The list of individuals you mention in your letter are examples of staff and students of this great school who contributed to the rich teaching and learning experiences of the school in the past, now, and will be in the future. There are those of you who have excelled academically and have gone to universities and work overseas and there are others who have moved on in their lives, either taking up work in our city and towns, while others may have gone back to the villages and moved on with their lives as well. In all this, we all have travelled through Waimapuru NSS and have been moulded and shaped by what we experience there.

As a teacher of WNSS for six years, I am very proud and humbled to hear of the achievements of students of the school, including former students like Warwick. The extra pot, sneaking at night to buy tabacco at the near by villages and mining the cassava garden as it was called during those times (the late 1980s and early 1900s) I belive have certainly shaped all former students into what you are today; I hope making you into a better person.

Equally as importants as the experiences shared above were the 40 and 80 minutes periods of classes which sometimes may seems so long and boring for students. I believe that it was these times that have helped students nurtured the academic knowledge and skills they learned from Waimapuru NSS making them to become nurses, teachers, tradesmen, pilots, doctors, lecturers, geologists, and the list goes on and will go on. Yes, WNSS has consolidated its place in Solomon Islands education, at 25 you are still young but growing to be a mature institution, ready to contribute more to Solomon Islands.

So once again, congratulation all current and former principals, staff and students of Waimapuru NSS, Have a happy silver Jubilee.

God bless Waimapuru.