Please allow me a space to contribute to the above issue.

I am happy with the reasoning given by Mr Asly on the students claim. Once I was a student at USP (Laucala campus) and came across the same problem in 2002 when our country faced difficulty with payment of USP arrears due to financial difficulties. We that time understood the situation very well and patiently waited in Suva.

Sadly however, to live in a foreign place like Fiji without enough money (as we experienced that time) was unbearable. To be honest with the situation like this sometimes fustrated when we called on responsible authorities but turned deaf ears on our cries for mercy. During our mid-year break we survived on the mercy of the USP to feed and accommodate us. Those who live outside campus had to move in campus to survive because their landlords did not allow them due to non payment of rentals.

Someone may say why not return to SI? Of course to do it was easy. But on the other hand we were there on government scholarships to get quality education and lead our people like others did. So education is a fundamental right to anyone, we should not easily let the chance slip easily from us that time.

To claim our entitlements under our sponsorship to survive in Suva for education to me is not a sin, the only thing we need now is for the parties to understand and learn from each other; leaders need to listen and learn from the students situation in that depressed economy. And students should learn more to negotiate even when the doors are said to be closed. Don't give up the fight to happily live for your education. Do more lobbying at all levels rather than taking short cuts (protest) to convince our responsible authorities.

To put short, students and reponsible authorities need to do more to solve this issue rather than protest or warning students.

Bright future to our education system.