As a former student of this well-renowned state-owned school beside King George vi School I would like to send my congratulatory message to the central government, school administration, fundraising committee, business houses, provincial government, parents and guardians, students both past and present and whoever contributes in one way or the other towards this great day for making it possible. It is truly a pride and a tear-shedding experience for me as I recall the many good things this school has contributed in my upbringing academically, socially, mentally, spiritually and the list goes on, to who I am now. And it cannot be denied that this school is one of the best schools in Solomon Islands which has bred some of the prominent people working both locally and internationally.

I for one has a fond sense of belonging to this school and it is saddening for me not to attend to this memorable day as I am not in Solomons at the moment. Anyway, may Waimapuru National Seconday School continues to breed best and finest students for our beloved nation of Solomon Islands in the years to come.