Ashly, its sad to note that you are getting too personal in the RAMSI discusion by mentioning names. Why not target the points or issues raise? if you think RAMSI's exit is a none-issue, after RAMSI has been here for almost 10 years, then we might as well sign a long-term security pact/treaty with Australia that guarantees our security from internal and outside threat. Then disband or scale down on our police force and concentrate on economic development, similar to what the United States did to Japan after the WWII. Why I'm saying this is because I think its dangerous to rely heavily in terms of security assurance as currently the case in our country on a foreign force that's been funded elsewhere. What happens if the source of funding dries up or withheld for some reasons? We might see our security guarantors leaving us the next moment with our false sense of security. Before that happens, we should farewell them now and start restrengthening our own police force.