Dear Editor,

The submission of the students' claim is straight forward.

As far as I hear from the coconut news if I am correct, what the students have requested is not a 20% increase to student allowance but to reinstate and pay the balance of the same SBD amount payable to each student prior to the 20% devaluation of Fiji dollars along with the remaining part of the allowance for this semester II 2009.

The MEHRD's action in cutting the SBD (Solomon dollar) to maintain the same Fiji dollar before and after the 20% devaluation of Fiji dollar is really an extra financial burden to the students in addition to the high cost of living there in Suva due to the recent 20% devaluation of Fiji dollar. I think it is fair for the students to feel that they are unfairly treated because instead of awarding a reasonable increase to assist the students to cope up with the high inflation rate like what the other sponsors did, the MEHRD resorted to a cost cutting measure which put the student's mean of survival in a very awkward situation.

In my opinion I think that students should resort to enter in to dialogue with the responsible Authorities as the number one priority rather than resorting to the proposed peaceful demonstration too quickly.

I believe students & Authorities can resolve this issue amicably. I also understand that this shows how students are frustrated and would like to express their grievances after so many calls including the Vice-chancellor of USP to increase the students allowance in the light of the financial situation there in Fiji fall on deaf ears.