As a one time student of Waimapuru NSS I am very proud of the school's achievement to reach its silver jubilee this year.

In addition to that, I would like to congratulate the past and present students and staff of the school during this jubilee year 2009.

Waimapuru has done us alot, so I appeal to all of us to take a moment and reflect back to the good and challenging moments at Waimapuru...I must honestly admit that I was one of the naughty students at Waimapuru during my high school days. But I thank my staff and especially James Iroga whose that time was the captain of MV Waimapuru to mould others and me to be someone Iam today.

Waimapuru taught me very good things...Thank you Waimapuru for those.

Long live Waimapuru and your host, the land of KAKAMORAS! Hapi 25th Anniversary...