I too would like to drop some insights on the recurrent topic on this site - that is, why need RAMSI.

I think the question of whether RAMSI should leave sooner or later, or as some would like to call it, an exit strategy is not material to the bottom line issue, the need for a peaceful SI.

First of all, let me lay down a couple of hard truths which are overlooked in many peace efforts that devour a lot time and more so money.

[1] We should believe the promises of God than those made by human beings whose intellects are themselves deceptive.

[2] Peace is God's attribute and NOT man's. Therefore man cannot will never make peace but only God.

These may sound familiar & simple to some readers. But let me put it frankly that Solomon Islands need God, no more no less. Don't tell me that SI is already a christian country by referring to the many denominations that we now have. As a matter of fact denomination is man's effort which is far divorced from God.

God will stand behind his word that only his purpose will stand. Now if God put it that way, that settles it. So why are our leaders (both gov't & churches) are so foolish to do contrary to God's word? Simple to say but hard to believe. I would rather see the gov't & churches seek the purpose of God than striving to achieve man's own development plans which are destined to failure?

If Solomon Stands for evermore as we declare in our national athen, that should ring a bell that SI should go back to God because only God lives forevermore.

Tagio tumas.