Dear editor,

By reading the issue of RAMSI in this forum I also have something to share, and before proceeds on thank you so much for those of you who share your views.

A concern of the time frame for RAMSI in the Solomon Islands..It is true that every mission has a time frame. I strongly believe that the nature of the mission is important and not the time frame.

What is the nature of the mission? The nature of the mission is the restoration of Law and order. Why do we want to restore Law and order? This is to enhance confidence for development. That is developers or business people at the local, provincial and national level will gain confident to run businesses all through-out our country.

The concern over the burning of China Town in the eyes of RAMSI, this is an evidence to justify why RAMSI should remain in our country. Why is that? I believe that if RAMSI is not in the country, these illegal forms or worthless activities will be worse than it is now. Hence, removing RAMSI will increase illegal activities in our beloved country.

Another concern raise is, rearming of our police force.evidently, our country collapsed just because of the failure of the ministry of police and security to uphold Law and order which they should remain neutral at the beginning of the ethnic tension and should maintain Law and order. But instead the armory was utilized for other reasons and by learning from the past I still not have confident at this stage for the rearmament of the police force. Why..? It needs some criteria for the recruitment of police force and high level of training so that they are professionals in the fields of security. One criteria could be recruiting form 7 or above and so forth.

It is in the mind of Solomon islanders that RAMSI will undermine our sovereignty; of course this is true but do we have elected political leaders? I also note that some political leaders did not want RAMSI to extend their time frame .these types of leaders have other political interest on RAMSI and not for the good of everyone. Why? There are 50 MPs that we have and if the issue of removing RAMSI is really a concern then nothing will stop it.

What is the message then? Removing RAMSI will not make any change in the Solomon Islands or extending the time frame for RAMSI will not make any change as well. The change that we expect for our country depends on the wisdom that our political leaders have. One such change is evidence and that is No monopoly in the telecommunication sector, this is seen as positive achievement. Moreover, our political leaders need to design some more sound policies to stimulate development in terms of trades and so forth. Lastly, as Solomon islander I love my country and I do not want foreign countries to colonize my country once more. Thus to our trusted leaders whether social, political or spiritual, the wisdom that you have will determine the future our nation. Thank you so much.