Your news with the above headline is quite disturbing as now even a 23-years old chinese woman already engaging in the illegal brewing of kwaso. But your news story was not complete as you didn't reveal if the woman is a citizen or an expatriate? If an expatriate, the Immigration must deport her immediately once she's convicted of the crime. Further, I'm calling the Police to investigate who financed her illegaly operations and that financier must be charged and jailked then deported if an allien. We should not tolerate alliens coming into the country and ruining the future of our youths through their illegal sale of kwas. I also ask our good MPs more particularly the Minister for Police not to sleep on his job and immediately introduce a bill concerning the illegal brewing of kwaso and other alcoholic drinks that must be heavily penalized with a minimum imprisonment of two (2) years to eradicate this problem which is now becoming a cancer to the society. You published the name of the man who worked with the chinese woman but not the name of that woman, why, what's the important of her by not revealing her name, after all she is not a minor?

Kind regards,
Sri Ramon Jun QUITALES, II