I agree with Christina Fidali's comments on the ROC/RCDF issue. She has pointed out some important issues from an international perspective on aid donors and their assistance schemes to developing nations.

It is obvious that ROC grips firmly on its policy to fund the RCDF alone to secure Solomon's recognition of ROC's pursuit to become an independent nation from mother China.

Other donors too are helping us to gain our favour for their own interests, so whats the difference against ROC assistance to SI? only conditions to guide release of funds? what about intentions?

While ROC/RCDF strategy is a concern for other donors and some Solomon Islanders, it should not be used as a defense to block some of Taiwan's direct assistance packages to rural Solomon Islanders. I am not supporting ROC's "free for use as you wish" policy but I have appreciated Taiwan's direct technical assistance in Agriculture Development and more recently scholarship programs.

In agriculture, especially developments in rice, vegetable, rootcrops and livestock (piggery/paultry) really enhanced the agriculture systems in many parts of our rural areas. Introduced organic agricultural techniques from Taiwan have been found more efficient, increases yields and sustainable in some villages whose soils have been over gardened in the last 3 decades.

Many rural people, have been trained in new agricultural techniques by Taiwanese experts traveling right down to villages.

I have witnessed first hand in certain villages in Malaita, Temotu, Guadalcanal and Makira that rural people have increased their yields both in quality and quantity. Thanks to the knowledge and skills from Taiwanese experts. These skills and knowledge will only be lost when a farmer died but he can pass it on to his children and the legacy will live on.

Anyway, Christina, thanks for your contribution, enjoy your PIZZA and wine in Australia.