Thumbs up to the South Choiseul constituency for a well thought consultative meeting held to discuss their road map for the constituency's future. I guess this is the way forward for the Solomon Islands.

What it all needs is for the Provincial governments and the National government to identify potential rural developments/infrastructure that will promote economic activity in the rural areas so that rural people can engage in economic activities to support themselves and generate revenue for the province and the national government. After, all, if there is no tangible economic development taking place in the rural areas, of course the much talk about "dependency syndrome" will not runaway, and it will remain with the people, for so long as there is no development taking place within their area or province.

It is therefore, wise at these transitional periods to the Statehood that the provincial and national governments to start identifying potential economic development that can provide job opportunities for the people to avoid the dependency syndrome. Of course, before any development takes place, infrastructure has to be in place. What matters is for the people, provincial and national government to identify sustainable economic developments that can generate income to the rural populace as well as meeting the needs of the future generation. This is where the millions of the RCDF should be poured into.