I was very surprised to learn through the media that the managing director of South Pacific oil company is on a $100,000 per month salary and maybe with other benefits. To be honest I don't know this person personally but I used to think that he used to make good comments regarding the state of our economy, but now I just have no respect for such a person. Here in Suva the Government will immediately sack this director and investigation will follow, I don't know what our Government will do. This is because the company he directs is almost 100% owned by NPF if the company belongs to himself then nobody should question his salary but his pay is just unbelieveable. It is about 10 times than that of our Prime Minister.

No wonder the interest paid to NPF members was only 2.7%. This are the type of people that are saying good things but are actually stealing the wealth of our nations, another one was the former manager of solomon Telekom, Why is this person on this salary and the job he does is not that difficult either because oil company have been in our country for many years, which means a lot of solomon Islanders can handle this with very small pay compare to this opprtunist and capitalist man. Please NPF board do something about this by immediately removing this director otherwise we will take that the board is also benefitting from the company money.