As an SSEC the claim by Wanekao for the public to believe in is a self claim and laughable. If the movement is struggling in Solomon Islands, how much more in overseas. The things my brother Wanekao claim is going-on or moving overseas is misinforming to him. They are Christian organizations who pray like Christians do in the Solomon Islands. The only thing is the copy-cut type of worship with a different ambition. They do not follow the vision followers of Maeliau did. Came out from that movement and see the reality. We are all Christians founded on the moving power of God long ago and is still within the church. There is nothing new from the Good News, and the scriptures need not interpreted new versions and versions to adapt to different society and time. The Good News is clear-cut, a one and only message. Practices are different from the different churches but the same message thousand years ago is the same till today. Any believe that is arising now to claim the truth is not true. Telling the church is the devil who tries to stop God's plan is like playing with a snake - you know the danger but plays with it. The church is stand still, and it was the devil that breaks out to undermine the faith of the believers.

I quote this line "Can God use a human being, any one of us to talk about God's revelation? This is where the Church stacks". Why do we need someone when Christ himself sent a comforter and finishes all mediator practices of prophetic? Will Maeliau also the mediator of Christians for all churches all over the earth? If yes, then something might be wrong with this movement. Someone had point it that this is the last days. The danger of the last days is the devil will be hardly to identified because he will also "come in His Name, and that some will come in sheep's clothing where in fact they are wolves seeking someone to devour". Maybe those people who continue not hesitate to say whatever word to the church to slow down and see things clearly. Do not feel guilty and wonder why it has to be like this, and why being fall into this, you are facing a test that you need to make a careful decision. You need not to blame anyone. So it is up to you now my brothers out there.