Please allow me space in column to make my comment on the member of parliaments visitation to the constitutions.

Basically for provinces, i just wonder why, when the campaign times comes, wooden dreams were beaten or con shell were blown the contestant preaches his message so sweet, the interest is to convince the poor voter and they did,

But what happen after , as he wins, he never come again to do the same things even once in a year. under the tree or in the community halls for the rest of the four years, interestingly the same voter has to come over to Honiara looking for the MP, which upon his advise to his secretary when people come and ask for me tell them that i am away but he still in the Office. this is sometimes happened, what blocks the MP visitation to the constitution?, he is Busy with national issues but they have 365 days to make schedules. or excusing of the committee they established at home, that's good idea but total 4 years absent is creating wonder in the peoples mind

better still for other MPs who have visited there constitutions regularly and inform their people, of the government plans and his plan for his constituion and see the progresses of the economic development in their areas.

But as being raised and observed in my constitution that fatherly (MP)visitation was totally absent maybe because the constitution not allow ? but i don't think so.

what about if the equation change when 2010 contestant are coming for campaigning plus the current MP to the constitutions and the voters stay at home and say they are busy have no time to attend the meeting. because its enough of depriving the 85 % of the illiterate pollution of Solomon islands. the national duty of the government to make sure services are provide like, Hospital , Clinics road Maintenance may not be question here.

MP why not go visit to the heart of the constitutions, for example, the highland in north Malaita, and see the life there proplem there, this rich people of fast natural resource has to be pay for the same high expenses for a bottle of kerosine, salt and the list goes on a the fittest survival means, what i point out here is only if people pay there product, as MP there in Honiara needs another Extra $50 000 plus other Privilege. plus there allowance

but on my capacity as a student, i have to forgone my other needs and to pay a solar panel and install it at home which ordinary who do not afford to pay a 250 militres bottle of Kerosine that cost almost $10. will charge their batteries from.

Please MPs Visits your people they need your presence at times to feel their pain and strugles not a complete relief them but at least be with them on certain times of the year.