Please editor, allow be to clear few things regarding SSES and Maeliau someone had pointed out to me. First of all I want to thank CHRIS WANEKAO FROM FIJI ISLANDS for clarifying your stand. The situation you are in is indeed very tense. Seeing someone who is being referred very important where he even earn the name prophet from the followers being put out of the church is unacceptable and hard to accept. This is not new and it will become swift to a Jewell where someone cannot let it go. We are now in 2009, and this kind of charismatic styles occurs several times when people are label to be wrong after believing he is doing the right thing. I now know that the board's declaration is being understood and clear because no comment is made. Regarding the doctrines of the church, every church has its own doctrine, and members are subject to it. If an Adventist had been eating pig or going to garden on Saturday as a normal thing, then for sure the SDA will label him not a church member. But when someone in the SSEC did it, he is still acceptable to the church. Maeliau is a SSEC member, and he is confine to SSEC doctrines. These doctrines guide each church for the good of Christian believers. So how I view Maeliau doing contradict teaching, I say he should repent and this is understandable to all Christians. The claim SSEC is not moving is a joke. The church is having missionaries they are out there doing missionary work like other churches. The only thing that is different here is Maeliau followers are basing their worshiping style on a vision begin is 1983, and the clock is counting for the fulfilment of this vision. It is 26 years from now. This vision is sum up as the message or revival will be brought back to Israel on various waves. With this, they claim SSEC is slack. I just do not understand which good news is yet to reveal. From this vision, they want to convince SSEC, and maybe other churches, and then to other countries, and then to Israel who have good Christian believers. Continue pursue that vision with fast and pray. The bible is straight and clear, and one verse goes like this "depart from me I know you not" even perform wonders. The bible also assures Christians to be careful and test visions "for many will come in My Name". Maeliau is a member of an international Charismatic Christian scene, as well the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations. These organizations are open to Christians and one of their objectives is to pray for the Middle East crises, which differ to what is going on in the Solomon Islands. I do not know whether these Christian organizations know what Maeliau is doing to SSEC or not. For me personally I knew Maeliau very well from SSEC, his political carrier, and the movement. Exposing his doing is not my intention, but someone will look at it and can know who he is.
I now rest this issue for it did nothing good, and it will not help in mending the problem. Let the wave role and rely not on human effort. If it is from God, then silently it will move, not overseas, but in the Solomon where the wave is originated, before to other countries. Let's stay put and pray. Thank you.