Please allow me to share my opinion on RAMSI at a different perspective to that of Drummond of Suva.

Can Mr. Drummond tell this forum how he get his information that Solomon Islands is now without crime, social problems, etc so that RAMSI is no longer needed? As oppose to Drummond's view that people will celebrate when RAMSI leaves, I think only the criminals, law breakers and people with hidden agenda will do that because any person in his/ her right mind will think otherwise. The exit of RAMSI now will create fears in the minds of ordinary people who do not have the guts to express them selves. So where are you sitting Mr. Drummond? Remember my friend had it not for RAMSI everything will be in chaos, and you may not enjoy your study in Suva right now (if you a student). I for one seem to think that exit of RAMSI is non issue. What is more important is peaceful environment in our beloved country Solomon Islands. Whatever people may say, the fact remains that RAMSI had rescued our nation at their own cost and may they exit when the time is right not for their but the benefit of the citizens and friends of Solomon Islands.