Dear Editor, allow me space to reply to Redley lake Kue's positing made in this forum on Thursday 13 August in regards to the famous PEC discussion.

Firstly as you may be aware PEC is a creature of our Constitution, its manifestation is by virtue of sections 69A, 69B and 69C of the constitution. Questions relating to the commissions membership is covered in section 69A of the Constitution and this had been the object of discussion in the recent past in both this forum and other local media outlets and I wish not to go into that again. However, when the 2009 PER was made public I contributed under the pen name (Beliga Faikera) pointing out this very issue (Commission membership) and made the following suggestions:

1. That a number of the new awards given by PEC in the new PER might be ultra vires to the PEC's authority provided for under the Constitution. Thus the need to seek redress from the courts to determined whether PEC enacted the authority given to it lawfully. I am please to know that the government had taken that step and in my layman's view I am optimistic government will come out victorious at the end of the process. However, the final determination is the court's prerogative.

2. That an amendment be made to section 69A to change the composition of the commission and at the same time through the subsidiary legislation process take action to nullifying parts of the current PER that are questioned by the public. Remember PER is a subsidiary legislation because it was made pursuant to powers of Parliament delegated to the PEC under the Constitution, and it has a legal character (creates legal rights and duties) and is therefore a subsidiary legislation as defined by the Interpretation and General Provisions Act. The PER is also gazetted just like all other subsidiary legislation and as such the Bills and Legislation Committee of Parliament has the mandate to review all subsidiary legislation (including the PER) and make recommendations to Parliament. One such could be to disallow a particular piece of subsidiary legislation (by way of a negative resolution). With the current situation (pressure from the public) it is likely that Parliament may take a negative resolution on this issue. I know that a motion was passed in the House for the House Committee to do exactly that and I look forward to seeing a positive outcome from the process.

The claim by Redley lake Kue that my posting was in a way an avoidance of corruption is very naive. My comment made to his posting was merely expressing my view that when contributing to an issues especially issues that are provocative in nature. One should as much as possible try to avoid over generalisation when discussing the issue as well as making wild allegations that one cannot substantiate. Rather it would be a good idea to try and get facts on the issues of discussion so as to positively contribute in both educating the readers as well as giving right information on the issue to the public. Whilst we are all from a democratic nation that does not take away the simple fact that one has to be vigilant when expressing oneself in the media. Media is an awesome vehicle to express ones feelings and views on issues to the mass , however, what matters most are the things that are uttered in that medium.

I am just an ordinary citizen of Solomon Islands and I am not in the business of throwing wild allegation about ones friends.

In relation to the whole commotion that engulfs Honiara after the election of Snyder Rini, I find that intriguing because after he was ousted the popular government that came into power (Sogarave led government) lived a very short life as well and was also ousted.

On a more positive side, the April riot though devastating and cruel (no doubt about that) has given new life to China town today (new investment in buildings) something that may never have happened in the absent of the riot.
My last comment on this is that we are now living in a world that information is at our figure tips. When face with issues that are so daring to you and to our nation it is always a good idea to scout around for information that would assist in ones contribution in the media.