Thank you for allowing me this space . Yes, just concerning the SSEC separation issue, I would like to call upon all Christian believers to pray and seek for what is right and what is wrong. Let us not make judgement on our own understanding as to seperate or have different views towards each group or member.

When in such situation like this, especially, issue that eventually arises in the church of GOD, it will create confusion among the body of Christ ( Church members). So the right thing for us to do is to pray for them, not to raise any argument for or against any member.

We, Christian brothers and sisters, I urge you all in the name of our saviour LORD JESUS CHRIST to stand together in prayer, so that we can see what our HOLY GOD desires, in terms of this issue that we face. I fully believe that, not only few are affected, but the whole body of SSEC church in the Solomon Islands. Like the saying say "together we stand, divided we fall". GOD bless us all.