Dear editor please allow me to respond to Stewart and those who stand on the same ground.

I wish to say to all who are following up this issue in this online news paper, for those against Maeliau, those who support Maeliau and those didn't support any of these two lines of augment. This issue will not be easily toppled over or reach a satisfactory compromising point.
What SSEC had gone through can be described as a deep shaking, testing times and a twenty first century turn and challenges for the church of God to survive in the heat of emerging knowledge and the power or influences of the secular force that is creeping and penetrating through the church of God. Never mind, as someone had rightly stated that the church of God is dynamic, alive and moving. Therefore the Bible says when the evil one comes like a flood, God will raise His standard above it. Are we moving forward or we don't know what to do and where to go? Is this what God is saying to His church? Can God use a human being, any one of us to talk about God's revelation? This is where the Church stacks. We hardly believe such simple and drastic reality.

However I believe we are individuals, a society and a nation of a strong and varied conviction and beliefs. We argue and debate our differences vigorously and often. But when all is said and done, we still come together as one people and pledge our allegiance and loyalty not to human being or our religious leaders but to God the creator and Judge of all men.

I decide not to prolong this issue. To this far I believe we are all grown up individuals with God given liberty, with God's endowment, with certain unalienable rights, which among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and boundless explanations of life here and after. Can you see how complex this world is?

That is why to me there is no sense and meaning to what Stewart says, that all my claims are ridiculous, the worship style adopted in north malaita, the contradiction of Maeliau's teaching to SSEC doctrine. When I sound ridiculous to you, you also sound ridiculous to me. When you pray for my repentance, I pray that God will enlighten your mind and your heart, God will deal with your stony heart to know what God is doing in this end time. I even pray and fast for you. So you see where the convolution lies.

When you talk about SSEC tradition or doctrine, can we say that it has the ultimate ruling of Christian life for all time and purposes now and for the future? If one does not follow SSEC doctrine can we say he or she must repent? If we say yes! Then it means SDA, ANGLICAN, AOG, ROMAN CATHOLIC and other denominations' members must repent. So you see how narrow you think?

So I wonder why Maeliau sounds contradict locally especially among SSEC leaders preventing him not to preach in any SSEC pulpit whist welcome and accepted in the world out there. The message was accepted in Israel, in Egypt, in America, Singapore, in Africa and other places around the world. Most of the time his audience are theologians with doctorate, degree and all other names with regards to theological qualifications. Who are we and where are we SSEC?
I refrain from auguring about this human label SSEC. You called us what you want, but you can't take away the jewel that we found. It's in our heart and our blood. And I must assure you that this movement is already in the save hands. The fire is already spreading around the world. You are making unnecessary noise down here whilst the fire of movement is spreading out there in the world. Can you stop it my friend?

I think its enough of talking about things that is too far from your mind to accept it Stewart. Do our studies is the best thing I think my friend. Since I find your argument is too far from convincing me and mine too, is very far from your mind to understand. There is no point of prolonging this discussion. Otherwise you will always sounds nonsense to me and mine ridiculous to you.

My humble suggestion is, can we leave this issue and wait to ask Jesus when He comes back, or if anyone got up early he or she should discuss this with Jesus. Since He Himself we all believe as Christian.

Thank you