Dear editor. Since we follow the democracy principles I would also like to share in the issue of -The Commission has been formed to probe how customary lands on Guadalcanal Province were acquired before the ethnic conflict of 1998 and 2000. It was understood that the commission of enquiry Board will be administered by Brian Brunton of Papua New Guinea, Manoa Rabuka of Fiji and Stephen Tagi of Vanuatu. Thank you so much for the Prime Ministry and the Department of peace and Reconciliation for appointing these three professionals to implement the task to fulfill your intended policies.

There is no doubt that these three professionals are qualified and they will carry-out the investigation accordingly. By quoting what Mr. Waeta Ben said in the Solomon time news (online), I would also have something to share in this forum. Firstly, the ethnic tension began in 1998 and a cease fire in year 2000 and followed by a Towns Ville Peace Agreement. The Towns Ville Peace Accord signifies an end to the unrest between the two groups and following that millions and millions of dollars spent by the Government on lost properties. Countless numbers of recouncilations took place between the two ethnic groups and within the ethnic groups themselves. Thus the situation calm as people satisfied with what had happened and through the help of Australia Law and order restored.

The question ask is, did the terms of reference set, which will become the bases for the enquiry considered the right of the rightful landowners of Guadalcanal or not? If the answer is yes, then when did you conduct a surveyed from the people of Guadalcanal? It is true that we have the constitution which governs national affairs but is also right to respect the landowners. Since the outcome of the enquiry is unknown to us ..or what the outcome would be like I assume that this will be a new chapter ..the ethnic tension could be regarded as chapter one and this will be viewed as chapter two. As Waeta Ben pointed-out that the mentality of the Guadalcanal people is not to have people who lost their property to regain them back.indeed this is true.

Hence, the issue of enquiry into customary lands on Guadalcanal acquired prior or before the ethnic tension is threatening and so the Government must handle it wisely or else it provoke another tension, thanks.

Jeff Mane