The response to the resignation by Ms Ramoni from around the world is quite amazing. For instance, Dr. Togamae from USA Dr. Lipson from Australia and others from differents parts of the Pacific. The question is why is that these well-qualified people have left to work me the answer is quite simple. Their is dissatisfaction with the way in which locals are treated. I am quite suprised that Captain Eric Rove is now in the Carribeans...if not for all this discrimination these people would be there at home working for our local organization or the government.

Just to give an example, I was at a particular ministry once and somehow my eyes caught an interesting form. It was the staff report form. A particular section of the form had the following...'qualification...nil substantial level 8, ...(paraphrase) next level applied for...9'. My what!there were people who had been working for almost ten years but with quite low salary and had first degree qualification and postgraduate qualification. This is the type of inequality that Solomon Islanders are facing in their own Country. What are shame I thought it is no longer happening but lo and behold it is happening with the Solomon Airlines.

I am just elaborating...I hope the relevant authorities see what we are discussing here.

Thank you all.