I'd like to thank Mr. Kosui in regards to his contributions relating to my posting.

In reply I would like to raise the following issues:

In regards to making allegations to the Leadership Code Commission, I do agree that it is very difficult to collect documents as evidence against alleged actions of MP's.

I also concede that it is quite difficult considering the setup of the normal practice in MP's establishing committee's it would shift the blame.

However, I believe the trick to such procedures in relation to raising complaints to the Leadership Code Commission would be in the allegations we place. Considering the various entitlements given to our respectable MP's I believe some are given conditionally and some are for a more general use. Concerning the current procedures should allegations (to the LCC) be placed on misuse of entitlements which were given for a general purpose then establishing misappropriation can be very difficult.

Conversely, as previously mentioned some entitlements or grants are given with very specific conditions or purposes i.e. they are to be spent on specific projects. Now should it appear that this grant was used for something else other than what it was intended for then allegations can be placed on a much firmer ground.

The issue with this argument means one thing. The onus is on us the public. We have to be diligent, faithful and persistent in keeping our leaders honest. When a certain grant is given to our MP's we should inquire as to its purpose. Take for instance in the scenario you described Mr. Kosui concerning the difficulties with accessing medical care. No doubt your respectable Member would have received grants for development on this issue or he may have received grants for another purpose already. Now should that grant be used for something else then we have a more solid case. Our duty is to keep ourselves informed; be up to date with grants given to our MP's and be aware of how grants are being administered.

I believe a former MP has been convicted of misappropriation through the procedures set out by the law. This fact would serve as motivation and instill some sort of faith in the current system also encouraging us in our duty to keep our leaders honest.

From shore to shore God bless the Solomon Islands.