It's great to read the discussions about the above subject online. Rather than saying who is right or wrong I'd rather make a general observation about church.

A doctrine is a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion. Every church has its own doctrine, and so does SSEC. Let's think aloud and ask ourselves, who created all these doctrines in all churches. Obviously, the church founders. The doctrine is then preached and propagated to all throughout the world. I believe it must have taken a stressful time for these founders to formulate these doctrines. Why? Because whatever they put down, determines the belief which will remain the same for all future generations.

All church doctrines are based on the scripture, are Biblical, based upon how the founders interpret the scripture. That is why we have different denomination because our churches were founded by different people, though all are Biblical.

Whilst the major input in formulating the doctrines are Biblical, the context in which, where and how the doctrine will be preached may have some impact on this formulation as well. For example, SSEM was founded during those dark head hunting days where there was no law and order. So whilst they preach Salvation, and preach the Biblical Laws, they also persuaded people from smoking and chewing of betelnut, though these are not Biblical. And now these are banned in SSEC. Other churches do not ban this because they were founded in different context from Solo. Since then doctrines have remain the same until now. You cannot see churches adding in new belief or doctrines.

But then we may ask, should the Church remain the same and never migrate? Let's consider some examples to help use understand this. Firstly, A policy or constitution by any organization or govt is usually formulated initially based on the context during the time of formulation. But as time changes (since everything change) certain parts may be deem irrelevant or certain parts may need to be added or deleted. This shows the organization is dynamic.

Secondly, let's take a Biblical example. In the OT, Moses made Laws and the people were ought to obey them. If someone has sinned, they have to physically sacrifice an animal on the altar. In the NT, Jesus was accused of breaking the Law of Moses about Sabbath. And he said the Sabbath was made for the good of human beings; they are not made for the Sabbath (Mk2:27). Jesus also changes the Law of Moses about Adultery saying if you perceive the act in your mind & heart then you have already committed it.

Thirdly, another illustration to highlight changes - Consider the Gospel has now reached the majority of Solo. So it would be irrelevant to preach message of "born again" now. As long as you say that Sinner's Prayer then you are born again, you cannot do that again. But in those early days, this was more relevant. Preaching or Teachings now should be more of building and edifying the Body.

These are just some examples to illustrate that changes also occur in the Church. In the NT, Jesus emphasized more the importance of the heart than the physical actions. Just simply obeying the Law physical so everyone sees it from outside is Religious!!! So the Context has changed in the NT from what was taught in the OT. It does not mean what was taught in the OT was wrong, it is just irrelevant in the NT. You do not need to sacrifice an animal again (physical act), but just pray from your heart and you can be forgiven.

I have stated all these to emphasize that a church is dynamic, it is alive and is moving as the Cloud moves. You surely do not want to remain in Egypt when the Cloud moves, just follow where ever God directs.

Based on these observations, I wish to share my personal opinion about the above subject. I am brought up and grew up SSEC and I know what the Church believes in. Though I have no idea about Maeliau's teachings, I believe if they are Biblical and founded on the Scriptures and are new to SSEC then this may be part of the on-going changes that the Church should go through. If it is according to God's direction and plan, then who will stop God? We may not expect God to visit us through a revival again, God has new and better ways. If it is something of man then it will die out soon but if it is something from God then who are you to stop God. This may just be another wind of change we have seen in the past and which we'll continue to see now and in the future.

To finish off, I guess the important thing here is to remember that the Church is a dynamic and powerful living thing that moves as God moves. You only need to fall into the changes and movement by verifying through the Bible and that it is Scriptural and through personal convictions, which may need you to get out from the religious shell.