Dear editor,

please allow me to respond to CHRISTOPHER KIRIO MISITANA regarding his letter for all the people in this earth to read regarding SSEC and Maeliau. Below are some of his exact words, whether he meant it or not.

"I suppose the termination of Rev.Maeliau and his followers as claimed by the so -called SSEC leaders in solomon islands perhaps stems from 1. lack of proper Biblical knowledge 2.Advocated by the devil and 3.personal grudge and jealosy.

First, arguments were made concerning the founders of the SSEM/Cso as to maintain the traditional and initial message, cannot be justified. Society has changed Solomon islands have trasisted from that primitive to civilized society. Also,Jesus cross is still preached. Unless you tell me which message in particular was preached. The devil is real and is always finding ways to conseal the truth.

If I am you, I would apologize and seek forgiveness and never express my anger to the media again, because it only shows who I am - an ignorant, bias, selfish, careless, and an angry person. Thank you.