Dear editor, please allow me space to respond to CHRIS WANEKAO regarding the above issue. His claim is totally ridiculous. It sounds like someone who wants to justify his statements and jumps from there to there. Previously someone had post a letter stating that SSEC is there name through the first SSEC pioneer to North Malaita. I reply and stated that this is not an earthly thing to claim, and then Wanekao replies it totally wrong. Why is Maeliau expel and everyone started to accuse the church, instead of praying for a solution. Someone had really wanted to split the church by putting the areas in North Malaita that is under the movement.
Let's look back at the brief background of the church. Peter Ambuofa was convict in a plantation in Australia and he shows light to North Malaita. Later, missionaries from Australia Christianized other places with their ship name the Evangel with the help of the locals who where convict in Australia or bible schools in the islands. The Islands have different stories of how they became Christianize from this SSEM mission originated in Queensland.

This announcement "That all administrative and leadership issues in the Northern Region are to be referred to the Superintendent of the Northern Region. All SSEC assets in all SSEC Regions will remain with SSEC" is totally misinterpretation by Wanekao. In the structure of the church, places are divided into regions, and each region is looking after by a superintendent. If you wanted to split North Malaita from the main church, then this is one of the things Satan came to this earth for. Now you used the pioneer of your region to justify your claims and you make this Godly man to stress your false allegation. As you have misunderstood other statements, you will still misinterpret all other issues to suit your claim.

Let's see one simple picture here. Since the church came into establishment, it set its doctrines of teachings. Every SSEC is confine to it. Later Maeliau came up with other practices that not only differ but contradict from the rest of SSEC. To prove it, the kind of believe and worship of Maeliau followers is so different from the entire SSEC in Solomon Islands. Now the church call Maeliau to stop but he refused. So what the church will do then, follow him? If the church follows him, then they are denying the very truth that Christianizes Solomon Islands, because that is the same worshiping practices SSEC in the past is doing till today. Why are they going to change their believe, is this is not what the warning of the "last Days" events, false prophets. Satan comes in many ways and even through self claim visions where only true believers will know it. The decision of the church is right and follows the right procedure.

The Rev. Bishop after asking Maeliau to repent but he refused, he forwarded to the board and after a month, they expel him, and this is supposed not to be a one man decision as Wanekao likes. There is no need for Maeliau to present too, because he is not a member of the board, and he is the agenda of discuss and need not to be present. If you see Maeliau so special, he is not to the entire SSEC, where his presence will shake everyone. This issue is for the real Christians to pray for but since Maeliau followers started shouting in this online paper, I also want to clarify things straight. Hope that those who continue to criticize the church will came to their right mind and start praying as Christian principals, rather than continue dragging this issue like a political issue. Thank you.